About LabCradle

LabCradle is full service provider to THC Distilling Community and other organic and inorganic chemistry research labs. We are located at 106 Hymus Rd. Toronto Ontario Canada. We just just 30 min away from anywhere in GTA and conveniently open till 9pm. We do cater to general scientific community as well. We know your processes and we have equipment specifically for your needs. And if we don't most likely we can get it. We specialize in equipment for short path distillation and related fields. We design our own glassware and distillation heads. Most of our glass is made in US or EU and tooled by hand in Canada. We source different equipment specifically for your needs. Come by our shop or give a call. All equipment we sell we service either on site or at your premises. We can rebuild vacuum and recovery pumps even if its made in China.