STM Revolution STM RV-STM-1 Flower Grinder (pre-owned)

*Comes with 2 size mesh screen and we made multiple modifications so it so it works better than factory. It comes with spare bearings as well.*


Manufacturer Specifications (when new)

MATERIALS: Encased in 100% Food-Grade Material SAE 304/316, Dent-Resistant Stainless Steel Handle & Heavy Duty Castor Wheels for Easy Mobility

ASSEMBLY: Designed, Manufactured, & Assembled in the USA

POWER: Standard 220V 16 Load Amps Single Phase 5-1/2 ft. Cord Length Requires L6-30 Plug Seek Certified Electrician for Installation Needs

MOTOR: 3HP UL Listed Long Life Cycle

WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS: Small Footprint Approx. 220 lbs 30" L x 65" H x 22-1/4" W

HOPPER: Holds 21 Liquid Gallons (Four 5-Gallon Buckets of Material)

THROUGHPUT: 15-30 lbs Per Hour Varies with Different Material Types

DUAL-BLADE SYSTEM: Custom-made Stainless Steel Serrated Blades Proprietary Dual-Blade System

Particle Screens: Fine Particle Screen (food grade, stainless material), Coarse Particle Screen (food grade, stainless material)

Chute & Chamber: Chute with Vibrating Agitator (non-stick, food-grade) Blade Area Chamber (non-stick, food-grade)

Touch Screen:Manual and Automatic Operation

Ergonomic 4" Resistive Touch Control Panel

Low, Med, High Speed | Start/Stop

Auger On/Off Time Delay

Pop-Up Error Messages

Standard Service Data for Clogs or E-Stop Conditions

Compliance: OSHA Compliant

Cleaning:Sliding Back Door for Easy Access

Quick Release Bolts | Dishwasher Friendly

Safety Features: Machine is Fully Enclosed 2 Quick Access Emergency Stop Buttons Lock-Out Tag-Out Power Switch Multiple Automatic Internal Safety Limit Switches 

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STM Revolution RV-STM-1 Flower Grinder For Pre-rolls or Extraction

  • Brand: STM
  • Product Code:STNGR
  • Availability:In Stock
  • US$ USDT 8,879.99
  • US$ USDT 6,289.99

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