Elmo Rietschle Multi-stage Vacuum Pump G-BH2 2BH20360 2AAPL7

Elmo Rietschle, single and multi-stage regenerative blower G-Series.

Elmo Rietschle G-Series blowers and vacuum pumps convey gasses and gas/air mixtures absolutely oil-free; they are quiet, space-saving, maintenance-free – and highly economical.

2BH20360 2AAPL7

Voltage: 400-500V

Phase: 3

Power Frequency: 50 or 60Hz

Power 50Hz: 4 kW

Power 60Hz: 4.55kW

Vacuum 50Hz: -350 mbar

Vacuum 60Hz: -370 mbar

Pressure 50Hz: 390 mbar

Pressure 60Hz: 340 mbar

Weight: 66kg

Sound Level 50Hz: 66

Sound Level 60Hz: 70

Flow – 218 to 517 cfm


Low noise level

Low maintenance in continuous duty

Reliable and built to last

Robust yet light weight

Space-saving and ready for connection

Can be installed in any axial orientation

Wide performance range

Absolutely oil-free compression

Economical: the same pressure difference delivers 20% greater capacity using 15% less driving power, therefore requiring smaller motors.

For use worldwide (UL/CSA/IEC/EN approval)

50/60 Hz voltage range motors

ATEX 94/9 EG compliant

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Elmo Rietschle Multi-stage Vacuum Pump G-BH2 2BH20360 2AAPL7

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